David has over 30 years of management consulting experience that he draws on coupled with over 30 years of Christian life and training to provide consulting services to churches, para-church organizations, and Christian businesses.  Briefly, the following are some areas of focus:

Interim Pastor – Pulpit Supply

David is available to serve as interim pastor or pulpit supply as required.  He believes deeply in the local church and in personal and corporate revival and the spiritual development of God’s people.  Please contact David with your interim needs at

Prayer Ministry:

David provides a teaching workshop on approaches for developing a prayer ministry in your church.  Topics includes an overview of the importance and precedent for the development of a prayer ministry; developing a mission statement and prayer ministry strategy; outline of 8 key program components typically part of a dynamic prayer ministry; discussion of options on how to organize, provide training, and manage a prayer ministry; and how to automate prayer ministry functions to increase participation and access.  Consulting services include the development of a situation assessment report of current prayer initiatives and resulting needs with recommendations on approaches for advancing prayer ministry components in the church.

Spiritual Mentoring:

Developing a solid program for spiritual mentoring is an initiative that has been largely lost but sorely needed in our churches.  David has been involved with developing and participating in spiritual mentoring programs for many years.  He provides consulting services to churches describing methods and options for the development of spiritual mentoring programs.  As part of this process he provides workshops describing the Scriptural basis and value of mentoring programs, how to organize, provide training and manage spiritual mentoring programs in the church. 

Spiritual Leadership:

Dr. Tanner, with over 30 years of senior management and leadership experience has experienced both the best and worst of leadership first hand both in business and ministry. Not until he began to read and really understand spiritual leadership principles from gifted authors such as Oswald Sanders and the Blackaby’s did he fully appreciate what really makes a difference in leadership regardless of the life venue – home, work, community, and ministry.

By God’s grace in his life, Dr. Tanner calls on years of leadership experience, trials, and a unique spiritual journey to provide an impassioned plea, through speaking, workshops, and leadership training, the need for strong committed spiritual leaders.  

David is available to speak on the topic of spiritual leadership relating to a wide range of topics including:  Principles of Spiritual Leadership, America and the Church in Crisis, leadership in a Christian business, how not to fall into the secular leadership trap, and leader spiritual development and mentoring.   David has had the privilege of working with Blackaby Ministries International and is versed in presenting Spiritual Leadership programs based on the Blackaby teaching.

The Intersection of Natural and Spiritual Leadership in Business or Ministry: The question is how do I implement key spiritual leadership principles while providing the necessary planning, infrastructure, and management systems which are consistent with a God centered organization? This workshop takes the key principles of spiritual leadership to the next step where implementation is the central theme. This is where the rubber meets the road. This is where spiritual leadership becomes a “way of life” personally and organizationally -where leaders are actually “leading with their lives.”

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